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Lobo Gris {original oil painting}

Lobo Gris {original oil painting}

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Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus)

Lobo Gris is a painting of an adult male gray wolf (Canis Lupus).  When we think of wolves, we usually think of places like Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, but the Mexican gray wolf is native to the American Southwest including the Big Bend of Texas.  It’s hard to believe that the last gray wolf in Texas was killed just 50 years ago in Brewster County.  Wolves evoke strong emotions in people, and for many, they are a symbol of a wild and untamed West.

  • Original oil painting on linen panel.
  • Painting size:  24 x 20 inches.
  • Frame size:  30.5 x 26.5 inches.
  • Framed with a 3.5-inch wood frame with a distressed black/brown color and antique silver accents.
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Available through Old Spanish Trail Gallery

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Commitment to Conservation

Patricia’s goal is to inspire love and appreciation for nature. Her paintings express her profound respect for the earth’s wild fauna and flora by portraying their beauty and intelligence. She uses her work to promote the conservation of wildlife and their habitats by supporting the conservation organizations working towards their preservation.

10% of all original and print sales are donated to conservation organizations.